Cherry Valley Deposit Station

166 Highway 1B
Cherry Valley Town Hall
Cherry Valley, AR 72324


Telephone: (870) 588-3323

The Cherry Valley Deposit Station is a small collection of popular materials. Working with the City of Cherry Valley, ECARL is able to provide these library services within the community to Cherry Valley residents and residents of surrounding areas like Birdeye and Vanndale.

The Deposit Station is open during City Hall hours. For exact hours of service, contact the Town Hall at the number provided. Any book in the ECARL card catalog can be borrowed through the Cherry Valley Deposit Station. To request an item be sent to Cherry Valley, contact your library.


ECARL Headquarters

Cross County Library

410 E. Merriman Avenue
Wynne, AR 72396

Phone: 870.238.3850 

​Fax: 870.238.5434