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Many peple like to donate to their library in honor or in memory of someone or for special titles or projects. Such gifts are welcomed.  In the case of memorials, notification will be sent to person designated by the donor. Contributions are tax deductible. For more information, contact the Library Operations Manager in your county.

Both the Cross and Woodruff County Libraries have endowment funds which support the library. Please consider donating to one of those funds today.

Donations, Honorariums & Memorials

Long term contributions through creative and flexible options can be your special gift to your local library. Through planned giving, you will help to insure the Library’s place as a critical anchor central to the community. Your planned giving will help fund important future financial needs for help in maintaining the buildings, collections and technology infrastructure.


There are several recognized methods in which you can contribute.

  • Bequests: A bequest provides a gift for the Library in your will.

  • Retirement Assets: By designating the Library as the recipient of any benefits remaining in your retirement plan at the time of your death, you may effectively reduce the taxes on those assets.

  • Real Estate: A special arrangement called a retained life estate allows you to make the unique and special gift of your home to the Library at any time without affecting your current lifestyle.

  • Life Insurance: You can make the Library the beneficiary of a policy, or, if you choose to change the beneficiary and ownership of an existing policy to the Library you can receive an income tax deduction for the current value or basis of the policy.

Need more information on our planned giving program? We would like the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how you can make a significant difference to our community's future. Please contact the Executive Director/Regional Librarian and discuss the matter with your accountant and/or attorney.

Give on a long-term basis or through a will:
Give to one of the Endowment Funds:

Please help make a difference in your community.
Support your library today!


John Paul Myrick

Regional Librarian

410 E. Merriman Avenue

Wynne, AR 72396

(870) 238-3850 Phone

(870) 238-5434 Fax

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