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Patrons must visit their local library to obtain a card. Ask a staff member at the circulation desk for a library card application. Patrons must reside in the service area (Cross or Woodruff Counties) to obtain a library card. Patrons outside the service area pay a $25 out-of-county fee. Library cards are free to first-time library users.


Patrons can check out four(4) items the first time. Lost cards have a $2.00 replacement fee. New library cards and replacement cards are to be picked up at the library. New library card users must be present to sign the reigstration card.


By signing and/or using the card, the cardholder agrees to abide by any and all policies set by the Library System for the use of library materials and services.


Children under the age of sixteen(16) are required to have a parent/guardian's signature to obtain a card. The parent or guardian signing for the card agrees that they are responsible for any materials borrowed on their child's card.




1) Printed Items
The Library has over 46,000 print items available for checkout which consists of books, magazines and journals. Only back issues of magazine and journals can be checked out. All magazines have a yellow circle on the front. There must be an "X" in the circle before the magazine can be checked out. All items are checked out for two weeks. Items may be renewed for an additional two weeks by phoning in the request or in person unless there is a waiting lists. Patrons are limited to twenty (20) items total.


There are no late feels for overdue items. We ask that patrons return library materials by the due date stamped on the item unless renewed. However, patrons with excessive overdues (two or more) that are more than one month overdue, will not be allowed to check out until the items are returned. The cost of an item will be charged for lost or damaged materials.


2) Audio/Visual Items
The Library has over 2,000 videos/dvd's available for check out. Videos and DVD's are limited to four (4) items per individual's library card.


3) Electronic Materials
The Library has over 2,000 circulating audio books. The Library additionally offers electronic content that is available from anywhere. See the E-Content link on the ECARL webpage ( for more information.  A library card is required to access these items.



The Library offers programs for all ages. For a current list of our programs and events, please visit our events calendar or contact your local library. There is no admission to attend any library program. There may be costs for program materials. Information regarding any costs will be included in the announcement of the program.

1) Adults
Adult programs can vary in topic. The Library seeks to provide a range of programs and events to include our society's many cultures and influences. For example, programs can consist of an antique car show to a food garnishing class. We are always open to new ideas and thoughts. Please do not hesitate to share yours!


2) Teens
The Libraries may offer a Teen Night once a month for 6th grade through 12th grade. These nights can include game nights, movie nights, craft nights and so much more! We hope you'll join us!


3) Kids
The larger libraries offer a Storytime Program for kids ages 2-5. Check with your local library for the schedule. These are interactive reading sessions that sometimes include making crafts! They usually last 15-30 minutes. So bring your little ones today!


Some libraries offer a Monday Night Family Program. Past events have been a Family Movie Night, a Slime Night, and a Family Game Night.




1) Computers
The Library has adult public access computers that are connected to the internet. These computers are only available for patrons ages 16 and up. We have  children's computers for patrons ages 16 and under. These are also connected to the Internet but are highly filtered. The Library also offers many service computers. One, in the back of the Library is 
dedicated for job sereach and employment placing. The others are for book catalog and computer reservations. Please feel free to ask a staff member about this special service.


2) Interlibrary Loans
The Library has an interlibrary loans policy. If you are searching for a book that we do not have, the Library may be able to borrow the book from another Arkansas Library. The Library usually does not Interlibrary Loan fiction books. Please see Other Services #3 for book requests. Please ask a staff member about this service.


3) Book Requests
The Library offers patrons the opportunity to requests books. Requesting a book does not automatically indicate the Library will purchase the book. However, we will carefully consider the title. To request a book ask a staff member.



As a part of the ECARL, you are eligible to borrow materials from any library within the system (Cross and Woodruff Counties). Items available in other libraries are listed in the Library Catalog. To request an item be sent to your library, contact any ECARL staff member.






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