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Databases by Title: G

Gale Directory Library

The Encyclopedia of Associations is a comprehensive source of detailed information on over 135,000 nonprofit membership organizations in the United States.

General Reference Center

Find a wide variety of excellent magazines, journals, and newspaper articles for your next book report or research paper by searching the vast periodical information.

Global Breaking Newswires

In the modern news world, newswires are the chief source of timely news and, with increasing pressures on the traditional news industry, newswires are often the only news coverage for many large regions of the globe. Global Breaking Newswires is the premier library news product providing timely access to the best newswire content available from around the globe for the modern researcher as well as growing archive of news indexed and accessible through the familiar & popular research functionality of the ProQuest platform.

GVRL Virtual Reference Library

With references and monographs covering literature, science, history, science and technology and more, GVRL is a good fit for your library.

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